About Us

Although our Team are seasoned but the company is quite young, however, it must be stated that the company was not founded out of ‘let us own a company syndrome’, but out of needs and intense research works. We were familiar with the needs, we understood the feelings, the problems and we decided to find solutions. Our Team decided to invest on the solutions, the type that will not only take care of today but tomorrow, hence the name, Capital 3.

To us you are the Capital 1, your investment is Capital 2 and your tomorrow is the Capital 3. It is our believe that you can only achieve tomorrow, if only you can sustain today!

Mr. Sulaiman Boti, Projecta Manager Royal Emirates Group, Mr. Abimbola Davis of Capital 3 Ltd (center), Country Representative REG – Nigeria, Attorney General of Ondo State and head of PPP- Public Private Partnership – State of Ondo were also present at the meeting.

C3, as popularly called, was founded with clear aim of helping African economy and her international investors realize their mutual goals and intents. These, we have achieved reasonably before the company was founded. The company’s objectives were clearly and cleverly articulated and focus driven right from the beginning and while these are maintained, various structures are in place to sustain them.

C3′s business is helping make countries and companies more valuable. To deliver results, not reports. We focus on

full potential improvements, not incremental change. Our idea is to emphasize practical recommendations and how to make them happen. Ours is about impact, not intellectual elegance or activity. We operate with a sense of urgency and purpose.

We work on a wide range of corporate clients and community projects. The diversity and pace of our works are truly unique. We use a fact-based, analytic approach built on cutting edge tools – our experiences with our clients around the world – all in a collaborative environment of extraordinary teams of committed individuals.

We assist Governments in achieving their set goals; our country by country analysis is second to non, especially in countries with developing economies.  We are so passionate about our clients’ success that, where appropriate, we will take equity in lieu of fees. In other words, we put ourselves on the line right alongside our clients.

Delivering Tangible Results

C3 aims to grow to be one of the world’s leading strategy consulting firms because we always deliver for our clients.

Our business is making companies more valuable. We help convert opportunity into action, and action into economic performance. Since the beginning of our journey, we have demonstrated our commitment through client results.

C3 is committed to bringing our discipline, client focus and results to the broadest possible spectrum of businesses.

We work with our clients to beat their competitors and generate substantial, lasting financial impact. We do this by looking at a business from a rare perspective, as an integrated coherent whole. We bring a strategic mindset to everything we do. We always start by defining the right question. We use a fact-based data-driven approach as the basis for creating practical solutions to challenging problems. Through our work, we collaborate and align ourselves totally with our clients.

…. a brilliant strategy is not brilliant at all if it cannot be implemented effectively in a real-world situation

Capital3 Management Board

Otunba Abimbola Mosobalaje Davis – Chairman/CEO

Mrs. Olayinka M. A. Davis – Vice Chairman

Professor Sidi Osho – Non-Executive

Ms. Jummai Abdullahi – Executive Director

Mr. Tijani-Abimbola Sheriff – Executive Director

Ms. Doyinsola Zaccheus – Assistant Director

Mr. Adelola Idowu – General Manager

Mallam Adio Bello – Head, Human Resources