S-ViD is a co-branded ‘ATM Card’ designed specifically to serve as a Corporate Identity Card with logo and picture of the holder. It aims to reduce financial crimes and identity theft in the country.

More of an institution than an application, S-ViD represents a number of comprehensive Information Systems, that serve all but not limited to the following: – security, financials (i.e. Bank Card for local and foreign transactions). The creation of S-ViD was made based on the initiative of C3, to create a database for the formal and informal sectors and a multi-purpose device that provides identity solutions.

Clients’ personal information and basic KYC concepts are conserved by Banks, hence our resolve to maintain simple information of the subscribers for the purpose of insurance to the Clients only.

While Nigeria commercial banks issue the debit cards to their customers, 19 insurance companies on the project provide ₦1 Million Group Personal Accident Insurance Cover to the holder.

For the first time, a ₦3,000 (minimum) debit card (inclusive of the cost of card) Group Personal Accident Insurance Cover comes with the following benefits:

1) ₦1,000,000.00 (one million Naira only) – against Accidental Death.
2) ₦850,000.00 Limit (eight hundred and fifty thousand Naira) – against Permanent Disability.
3) Multi-purpose prepaid bank card.
4) Useable on all POS, Internet and all financial transactions.
5) Serves as your Corporate Identity Card, recognized and accepted by Security Agents and all Institutions.
6) Imprinted with your picture and Organization’s Logo and Home Colour (where required).
7) Connects to your Mobile Phone as your Mobile Money.
8) Assist Organizations in Data Collection, Integration and Harmonization.
9) First GPA ever so covered.

72 Hours Accident Stabilization Medical Care (ASMC 72)

In the Agreement signed on the 2nd of September 2014 by Capital 3 Limited and Lead Broker to our S-VID, Hogg Robinson Nigeria Limited, 4 HMOs, namely: Oceanic Health Management Limited, Medexia Limited, Royal Healthcare Limited and GNI Healthcare Limited, the Underwriters led by Oceanic Health Management Limited assure all customers of prompt response and easy access to medical care.

Other Benefits
1. Ambulance Services (Hospital to Hospital, accident site to Hospital i.e. if incapacitated)
2. Emergency Local Evacuation
3. Emergency Stabilization and Resuscitation
4. Outpatient Consultation and Treatment within the maximum period of 72 hours as related to accidents.
5. Inpatient Care/Hospitalization and Treatment within the maximum period of 72 hours as related to accidents.
6. Specialist Consultation and Treatment within the maximum period of 72 hours as related to accidents.
7. Supply of Drugs and Medications prescribed within the maximum period of 72 hours as related to accidents.
8. Blood Transfusion Services as related to road traffic accidents need only.
9. Intensive Care Services (ICU) in approved medical centres within the maximum period of 72 hours as related to accidents.

Minor Surgeries including:
• Wound management i.e. Sutures.
• Incision and Drainage.
• Cauterization of bleeders.
• Plaster of Paris (POP) Procedures, etc.

Investigation for Emergency services
• Laboratory Investigations e.g. Blood Haematology and Chemistry tests such as FBC, PCV/Hb, blood gases etc. as related to diagnosis and stabilization procedures.
• Radiological Investigations such as X-rays, CT Scans as related to diagnosis and stabilization procedures.
• Ultrasound Investigations as related to diagnosis and stabilization procedure.

The HMOs are engaged to offer these services since they are closer to the primary health providers and can monitor the 72hours better.

Optional: Bearer can request to have his or her NIN (National Identity Number) displayed on the front cover of the card.

Underwriters to S-ViD
1. Royal Exchange Assurance Plc – as Lead Underwriter
2. Leadway Assurance Plc,
3. Custodian & Allied Assurance Plc,
4. AIICO Insurance Plc
5. NEM Insurance Plc,
6. Standard Alliance Insurance Plc
7. Sovereign Trust Insurance Plc,
8. Sterling Assurance Plc,
9. Regency Alliance Assurance Plc
10. Mutual Benefits Assurance Plc
11. Law Union & Rock Insurance Plc
12. Great Nigeria Insurance Plc
13. Niger Insurance Plc
14. Staco Insurance Plc and
15. Zenith Insurance Plc


1. Oceanic Healthcare Management Limited
2. Medexia Limited
3. Royal Exchange Healthcare Limited
4. GNI Healthcare Limited

1. Hogg Robinson Nigeria Limited – Official Lead Broker.
2. UTIB Insurance Brokers Limited
3. Revelation Insurance Brokers Limited

The Lead Bank is
1. Skye Bank Plc – Lead Bank
2. Union Bank Plc
3. Unity Bank Plc
4. Heritage Bank Plc
5. WEMA Bank Plc
6. UBA Plc

Strategic Partner
Books & Sports Limited

Settlement Bank
Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System (NIBSS) Plc.

₦3,000 (minimum)pa.

Card Variants
1. Mastercard
2. Visa
3. Verve

Group Personal Accident Insurance Cover (GPA) is an approved Policy of all Insurance companies in the country by the National Insurance Commission, NAICOM, and can be sold through any legal platform.

Our S-ViD is unique in so many ways

1. Uses all automated teller machine platform
2. Carries insurance cover
3. Serves as an Identity Card with corporate logo
4. Cheaper premium of just N3,000.00 yearly (three thousand naira only) and more beneficial than any policy in its class.

Benefits of S-ViD to Corporate organisations including private companies:
1. Serves as an Identity Card for employees.
2. Serves as companies Welfare Package to employees because of the Insurance Package.
3. Serves as a Discount Card and market Mobilizer because of the number of Subscribers.
4. Cheaper than any in its league and secured.
5. Security and Privacy guaranteed because it is issued by the Banks.
6. Can be used by the employers as medium of disbursement for deductions, dues and contributions.
For States and Government Agencies and Parastatals:

It serves as a common or individual State Resident and Utility Payment Card.

• To Governments:
• Serves as an Identity Card
• Can be used by State Governments as Staff and Residents Card
i. Serves as Residents Card with the State Coat of Arm on it, Ministry or parastatal’s logo, picture and name of Bearer on the card
ii. Serves as a Tax Card for States.
iii. General financial and insurance wallet card.
iv. Help reduce ghost workers.
v. Assist States in Data Collection and State Planning.
vi. The insurance on the card comes as a welfare scheme to Residents and Civil Servants.
vii. Can be used by State Government as a medium of payment for taxes and other financial obligations.

• Serves as a marketing and publicity tool for both corporate and public entities.
• Can be used by Unions and Organizations as their Certificate of Practice.
• Serves the Holder as an Insurance Wallet against death and permanent disabilities.
For Higher Institutions

1. Enables institution administration know and authenticate database of students and non-teaching staff. Same applies in other public sectors.
2. Curb ghost workers and fake students reasonably in our citadel of learning and corporate world.
3. Have its logo or shield, with an inscription ‘a Staff of…’ or ‘a Student of…’ on all the IDs. The logo or shield and name of individual Institution or Company will also feature on card front.
4. Successful harmonization and integration of database of genuine students and staff.
5. Creation of a value added Insurance Wallet.
6. Can be used by the students as a medium of payment for school fees and other financial obligations.
7. Financial Wallet.
8. Schools and corporate entities would be seen as bodies that do not compromise the welfare of its staff and students.

S-ViD also
1. Enhances the coordination of services and initiatives.
2. Helps to develop services and initiatives in areas of proven needs (Education Planning)
3. Ensures that requests for investment in specific initiatives arise from a clear strategic context and are evidence-based.

Please contact Capital 3 Limited or any of our technical partners. i.e. Banks, Insurance companies, HMO listed above or NIBSS.


The Center for Population and Reproductive Health (CPRH), founded in 2002, is making phenomenal contributions to research, education and leadership in the area of capacity building and development of the critical mass to champion the course of population activities and reproductive health issues. The Center is a collaborative effort of Bill and Melinda Institute for Population Reproductive Health, and College of Medicine, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

The CPRH is a national response in the efforts to build leadership skills, strengthening national capacity in transferring relevant knowledge and program innovations as well as conducting research with community benefits.

CPRH uses S-ViD as the official Identity Card for their staff.

You can read more about this organization at http://cprh.com.ng


Safari Books is one of the foremost publishing houses in Nigeria. Run by the doyen of book publishing in the country, Chief Joop Berkhout OON, Safari can provide you with the complete range of publishing services.

On the publishing side, the company specialize in biographies and autobiographies, ensuring a high quality product, that is well written and beautifully produced, at a very reasonable price.

In special publishing services, it offers assistance and support to budding authors and have also published books written by reputable authors in Public/Political and Current Affairs, History and Essays, Economics and Customs Manual, Law, Medicine, Religion, Biography and Autobiography, Fiction and Poetry, Science and Technology, amongst others.

Safari Books Limited provides complete library supply services. All academic need for books and journals can be covered by its library supply team. Today Safari Books Limited is one of the major library suppliers. The company represents Mallory International, Springer, Proquest and ebrary and Thomson Reuters, supplying books and journals which are published overseas.

Safari Books Limited is well known for the quality of their work, employing a crop of well experienced and excellent editors in humanities and science. It offers book wholesale, library supply, supply of e-journals, e-books; the company also provides a tailor-made services to all its clients.

S-ViD is the official Identity Card for the company.

Get more details on Safari Books Limited at: http://safaribooks.com.ng


Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (also known as Performing Musicians Employers’ Association Of Nigeria and abbreviated as PMAN) is an organisation founded by late Christy Essien-Igbokwe and late Sunny Okosu, in 1984 to guide, protect and promote the interests of musicians in the west African nation of Nigeria. Authorized by the government of Nigeria under the Trade Unions Act, the organisation also has the responsibility to regulate the practice of music profession in the country.

PMAN officially adopted S-ViD as its official Identity Card for its over 15 million members across the country. The project was partnered and powered by Airtel Telecommunications, the providers of Airtel Network brands. The partnership was valued at over N2 Billion.

For more information, please visit: http://www.pmanonline.net

It was happy hour when NURTW officially launched S-ViD as their Identity Card. In his remarks, the National President of NURTW, Alhaji Najeem Usman Yasin said the welfare of his constituency propelled him and members of the union’s executive council to decide to partner with Capital 3 Limited, Glo Mobile Network and 6 Banks on the project. He said the S-ViD will also help the union to have a comprehensive database of all members of the union pan Nigeria. He thanked Skye Bank for this support to power the insurance scheme and promised that all the members will key into it for their welfare.

Group Managing Director of Skye Bank, Mr Timothy Oguntayo who was represented by the Regional Director for North Operations, Mr Tope Adewuyi disclosed that the bank believes that organizational objectives could be attained through the provision of quality, timely and efficient service. “In this pursuit, it continues to conquer new frontiers in its operating environment and raising the bar of competition.”

Managing Director, Royal exchange Assurance, Mr Richard Borokinni, affirmed that claims arising from the scheme will be paid promptly once accidents involving NURTW members are properly documented and referred to the insurance company.


Deputy Corps Marshal of the Federal Road Safety Corps(FRSC), Mr Adeyemi Omidiji who attended the event said Capital 3 Limited’s SVID initiative is a major boost to the operations of the corps which is at the forefront of ensuring the sanctity and protection of lives on Nigerian roads.

In his statements, Otunba Abimbola Mosobalaje Davis, Chairman/CEO of Capital 3 Limited, the initiator and corporate owner of S-ViD was grateful to the 6 partners Banks led by Skye Bank Plc, 19 insurance companies led by Royal Exchange Plc, the lead broker, Hogg Robinson Nigeria Limited and Glo Mobile. He stated further that the beauty of the project is the welfare package which no organization in Africa provides now. He hopes the project would be adopted by other organizations and government agencies.

National Union of Road Transport Workers was founded on 6 October 1957 as a Union to protect the interest of all drivers in the country.

You can read more about this inside the S-ViD Newsletter

The National Troupe of Nigeria is the official and foremost performing arts institution of the Federal Government of Nigeria. Established with the purpose of promoting, preserving and propagating the Nigerian Culture, the troupe’s main operative areas includes: dance, drama, music, and children/youth theatre.

Our objectives:
• To encourage creativity in order to achieve excellence in the performing arts
• To encourage the discovery and development of talents in the performing arts
• To achieve high artistic productions specifically designed for National and International tours
• To ensure that its productions are geared towards National aspirations
• To encourage the development of children’s theatre
• To ensure the preservation of the repertoire of the troupe

S-ViD is the official Identity Card of this government Agency.

The Board

Otunba Abimbola Mosobalaje Davis – Chairman/CEO
Mrs. Olayinka M. A. Davis – Vice Chairman
Professor Sidi Osho – Non-Executive
Ms. Jummai Abdullahi – Executive Director
Mr. Tijani-Abimbola Sheriff – Executive Director
Ms. Doyinsola Zaccheus – Assistant Director
Mr. Adelola Idowu – General Manager
Mallam Adio Bello – Head, Human Resources